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Is My Money Safe

Over the years our company has built up a portfolio of 6 hotels and 15 coaches all of which we own outright. We have no bank loans and even when we develop a new hotel everything is paid for the old fashioned way – out of money that has been saved up for the job.

All the money that you pay us for your coach holiday is safely bonded with the Confederation of Passenger Transport. For more information please see the Bonded Coach Holiday details below.

Unlike many other coach companies, we don't routinely cancel tours due to the lack of numbers.

We understand that you have worked hard and saved for the money to buy your holiday, thereforeit is important to us that we keep it safe.

Bonded Coach Holidays

Lochs and Glens Holidays are members of the Bonded Coach Holiday Group of the Confederation Of Passenger Transport UK Ltd. This is a government approved consumer protection scheme. This ensures that in relation to the coach package holidays described in this brochure or website that the clients’ monies are protected by a Bond which may be called upon in the unlikely event of the Member’s Insolvency. Clients are recommended to inspect the current membership certificate at our registered office or alternatively to goto Bonded Coach Holiday’s website or telephone 0207 240 3131 to confirm current membership. Your attention is also drawn to the Bonded Coach Holiday Group Trading Charter that will apply to these coach package holidays.

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