As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have unfortunately taken the decision to cancel our holidays up to the 31st August 2020. If you have a holiday booked in the next month we will be in touch soon to discuss the options available.

Update 29th June 2020

We are still evaluating the situation every day, however the picture is starting to look a little clearer and I am now hopeful that we can begin to operate some tours from the 1st of September.

Although we are legally allowed to run holidays from the 15th of July, I only want to start when we know that we can do so in a way that is safe enough for our guests and our staff. I also want to be sure that any Covid-19 measures do not stop people from having an enjoyable holiday. I am not interested in risking lives or our reputation just to be open at the earliest opportunity.

Initially, when we open, things will probably be a bit different for our customers:

  • At the moment in Scotland we still have a 2 meter social distancing rule but I expect that this will change before September. Once we have 1 meter social distancing, it will be possible to remove 9 pairs of seats from our coaches and space out the remaining seats at 1 meter apart.
  • Government rules require everyone to wear a mask on a coach and we will be enforcing those rules. Anyone who is not prepared to wear a mask will be asked to leave the coach.
  • We will be taking temperature readings from everyone before they are allowed to board the coach at the start of every day.
  • Some of our itineraries may need to change as not all of the attractions will be Covid safe by then.
  • It is unlikely that we can have any evening entertainment as it is currently being strongly discouraged.

Although we are planning to be open on the 1st of September 2020, I understand that some people will not feel that they want to travel yet. If you have a holiday booked to depart before the end of 2020 and you want to move your booking to another date, please give us a call on 01389 713713 and we will gladly help.

Of course, if you are keen to get away as soon as possible please call us to book, we would love to hear from you.

Neil Wells
Managing Director

Update 6th June 2020

It is still not possible to know when we might be able to reopen, but based on the timeline set out by the Scottish Government, hotels in Scotland will not be allowed to open in any way until August at the very earliest. We hope to know more when the government guidelines are published on the 18th of June.

While social distancing measures require 2 meter spacing, it will not be possible to start running coaches. If this limit is reduced to 1 meter in the future, we might be able to restart some of our coach holidays.

I know that many of our guests and staff are excitedly waiting to get back, but for the moment we all need to wait for the impact of the virus to recede. As soon as there is any sign indicating when we might be able to reopen, we will update this page.

Right now, the most important thing for all of us is to stay safe and follow the guidance.

Neil Wells
Managing Director

Financial peace of mind

At a time like this, you may be rightly worried about booking a holiday with any travel company. I would like to reassure you of the financial position of Lochs and Glens Holidays.

We keep all the money that you have paid us for holidays that are yet to depart ringfenced.
We don’t treat your money like it’s ours until your holiday has departed. This is very unusual in the holiday industry but it’s the prudent thing to do.

We have a bond with the Bonded Coach Holidays that protects all the money that you pay us.
Even if something happened to us, the bond will refund any holiday money that you have paid.
You can check our membership here:

We own all our hotels and our coaches outright.
Often, hotels and coaches that appear to be owned by a holiday company are leased.

We have no external debt at all.
Again, this is unusual but it’s the prudent way to operate the business. The only thing that is leased in the company is our laundry equipment and that’s only because commercial washing machines need a lot of servicing.

We have never had external investors or external shareholders.
We don’t have anyone trying to make us pay out dividends or repay loans.

For 41 years Lochs and Glens Holidays has been run as a family business with old fashioned financial values: Don’t spend what you don’t have. Always save up for a rainy day.

Never in peacetime has something so unexpected happen as is unfolding now. Our prudent approach ensures that once life starts to return to normal, we will be in a strong position to continue with our holidays to some of the world’s finest scenery.

In the meantime, please stay safe.

Neil Wells
Managing Director

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