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As each day goes by, it is looking more and more likely that this nightmare pandemic will be coming to an end by the spring. Our plan is to have all six hotels open in March as we head towards a normal programme of tours again. It is too early to know what the impact will be on our tours for January and February of 2021 but as soon as it is safe to operate and the restrictions have been lifted we will open.

Our next newsletter and brochure will begin arriving through letterboxes from the 28th of December and it already looks like it’s going to be a very busy year.

There will need to be a 2% price rise for all tours in 2021 to help cover the cost of the pandemic, but if you want to avoid this increase you can book before the 20th of December to get the old prices.

We are all excited to get going again and look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Neil Wells
Managing Director

Financial peace of mind

At a time like this, you may be rightly worried about booking a holiday with any travel company. I would like to reassure you of the financial position of Lochs and Glens Holidays.

We keep all the money that you have paid us for holidays that are yet to depart ringfenced.
We don’t treat your money like it’s ours until your holiday has departed. This is very unusual in the holiday industry but it’s the prudent thing to do.

We have a bond with the Bonded Coach Holidays that protects all the money that you pay us.
Even if something happened to us, the bond will refund any holiday money that you have paid.
You can check our membership here:

We own all our hotels and our coaches outright.
Often, hotels and coaches that appear to be owned by a holiday company are leased.

We have no external debt at all.
Again, this is unusual but it’s the prudent way to operate the business. The only thing that is leased in the company is our laundry equipment and that’s only because commercial washing machines need a lot of servicing.

We have never had external investors or external shareholders.
We don’t have anyone trying to make us pay out dividends or repay loans.

For 41 years Lochs and Glens Holidays has been run as a family business with old fashioned financial values: Don’t spend what you don’t have. Always save up for a rainy day.

Never in peacetime has something so unexpected happen as is unfolding now. Our prudent approach ensures that once life starts to return to normal, we will be in a strong position to continue with our holidays to some of the world’s finest scenery.

In the meantime, please stay safe.

Neil Wells
Managing Director

Coach Tours and Holidays to Scotland

Lochs and Glens Holidays is a family owned coach-tour and holiday company with 6 of our own hotels, all in stunning Highland locations. Enjoy the comfort of our modern coaches as you soak up the awe-inspiring landscapes and tour Scotland’s historic past. Relax in one of our fabulous hotels after a day of exploring the best that Scotland has to offer.