Oban once a small fishing village is now the seafood capital of Scotland
Issue 59, Spring 2024

In this issue our featured photograph is of Oban, one of the most popular destinations for Lochs and Glens guests since the very earliest days of our company. Until the late 19th century Oban was just a small fishing port with a distillery, but with the arrival of...

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The Loch Tummel Hotel sits on the Lochside and offers spectacular scenery of the famous Queen's View.
Issue 58, Autumn 2023

It is 25 years since we completed the two year construction of the Loch Tummel Hotel. It was a huge and satisfying adventure although the cause of many a sleepless night. We realised from the onset that we couldn’t possibly afford the cost of...

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Lochs and Glens guests have been enjoying visits to Balmoral for several years.
Issue 57, Spring 2023

In fact, in guest surveys they have been frequently rated as having been one of the highlights of their holiday and I am pleased to say that we have arranged a further series of visits during 2023 and 2024 in a number of Loch Tummel Hotel itineraries.

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Regular Lochs and Glens guests will be familiar with the picturesque town of Callander, the subject of this edition’s cover photograph. It is known as the Gateway to the Highlands and for many visitors the real’ Scotland starts here.
Issue 56, Autumn 2022

Regular Lochs and Glens visitors will be familiar with the charming town of Callander, which is featured on the cover of this issue. It is referred to be the 'Gateway to the Highlands'and for many tourists, this is where the 'genuine' Scotland begins.

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The photograph shown above is of Perth, known as The Fair City since the publication of the novel ‘Fair Maid of Perth’ by the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott in 1828 and it continues to be a fair city today in so many respects.
Issue 55, Spring 2022

The image above is of Perth, which has been referred to as The Fair City ever since Scottish author Sir Walter Scott published his novel 'Fair Maid of Perth' in 1828. It is still a fair city in many ways today.

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It is over twenty years since I retired and returned to the South of England, passing responsibility for the Company to my son, Neil.
Issue 54, Autumn 2021

Since I retired and moved back to the South of England over twenty years ago, my son Neil has been in charge of the company.We have persevered strong and unbowed, much to Neil's great credit, while many of our rivals have regrettably faded away.

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