Celebrate New Year in Scotland with Lochs & Glens Holidays

Welcome the New Year with an unforgettable Scottish experience from Lochs & Glens Holidays. Our New Year breaks combine the comfort of our renowned hospitality with Scotland's unique celebration traditions. Discover the vibrant customs, savour local cuisine, and enjoy the stunning winter landscapes that make Scotland an ideal destination to ring in the New Year.

Traditional Scottish Hogmanay Celebrations

Join us for Hogmanay, Scotland's world-famous New Year celebration, where ancient traditions meet contemporary festivities. Experience the warmth of Scottish hospitality with first-footing, live ceilidh bands, and authentic Scottish feasts. Our New Year's breaks encapsulate the spirit of Hogmanay, offering guests a chance to partake in these time-honoured customs amidst the scenic grandeur of the Highlands.

Culinary Delights to Welcome the New Year

Our New Year's menu features an array of Scottish delicacies prepared to provide a festive and indulgent culinary journey. From classic haggis to sumptuous classics, each meal is crafted to reflect Scotland's heritage. Paired with local whiskies or fine wines, your New Year's dining experience with Lochs & Glens will be memorable and exquisite.

Breathtaking Scottish Landscapes in Winter

Experience the serene beauty of Scotland's landscapes in winter, a perfect backdrop for a reflective and rejuvenating New Year's break. Whether it's the tranquillity of a lochside view or the majestic presence of snow-capped mountains, our tours are designed to showcase Scotland's natural wonders, providing a peaceful start to your new year.

Why Choose Lochs & Glens for Your New Year Break?

  • Expertly Curated Itineraries:

    Each New Year break is thoughtfully planned to include a blend of celebrations, relaxation, and exploration.

  • Comfort and Convenience:

    Enjoy the ease of return coach travel, comfortable accommodations, and complete excursion programs.

  • Quality and Value:

    With over 40 years of experience, Lochs & Glens Holidays is committed to offering high-quality holidays at competitive prices.

Celebrate the New Year with tradition, comfort, and style.

Choose Lochs & Glens Holidays for an experience combining festive joy with Scotland's beauty.
Book your New Year break today and start a new tradition with us.

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